Hi, I'm Christina

I was born an east coast artist who, like many, took my chances and drove out west to chase creativity and my passion for culture, art and sun. I graduated with a BFA in Graphic Design and double minored in Communication Studies and Advertising. Seven years later, I am still happily working in the creative field and spend my free time making jewelry and large scale collages, painting, printmaking and learning. Professionally, I’ve grown an extensive portfolio with careers ranging from production and motion graphics to advertising, branding and photography. These paths quickly helped me climb the ladder where my true passions began to shine. I then decided to more narrowly focus my skills into Mangata Studio, my freelance creative agency, which was inspired by the talents and passions I’ve either picked up or always loved. With the knowledge and skills I’ve developed since my time in Los Angeles, I am now ready to help you visually and creatively grow your brand to it’s full potential!

My motto: Never stop creating, dreaming or using your imagination and most importantly, stay weird!

Skills & Talents

Graphic Design

I love designing! My work ranges from social media content and catalogs to brochures, menus and album cover art. I specialize in branding, social media marketing, web and print advertising and creative innovation.

Motion Graphics

I love bringing things to life with movement! Specialties: animating typography, designing lower-thirds, making video intros and end slates, movie titles or creating animated shorts.


I have experience creating new brands, refreshing stale brands and helping strong brands endure. From designing the logo to handling all the branding development thereafter, you'll be in good hands.

Event Planning

I am very detail-oriented, responsible and friendly. From concept initiation and research to reservations and decor, I have the proper experience to make sure your event run smoothly and is executed just as perfectly as the memorable day you had imagined.


I enjoy photographing the brilliance of everyday life - including your products, your space or your wedding engagement, anything! I've traversed the globe photographing for travel magazines and for pleasure.

Production Design

This is truly where creativity bonds with innovation. I have been a Creative Art Director for music videos, movies, food shoots and commercials.

After Effects

Mangata Studio is a full-service creative studio offering a wide range of design amenities including branding, consulting/development, graphic/motion design (online and offline) and photography. Mangata Studio promises to make all things creative, functional and alluring.

Mangata (pronounced mahn-gah-ta) means, “a roadlike reflection of the moon across night waters”. This company was founded on the idea that I’ve chosen this work to help show the reflections of your best business put forth into the world through creativity, ingenuity and my passion for art. For this passion, Mangata Creative Studio’s name symbolizes pure dedication to working throughout all hours of the night; simply to ensure that my creations always provide that ideal reflection. Above all, “mangata” stands for change, beauty and to serve as a light in the darkness of your most dire creative needs.

I promise to stay curious and inquisitive. To be persistent yet flexible. I want my spirit to be free and overwhelmed with adventure. I will never lose my love to play because creativity is intelligence having fun.

Be creative. Be happy. Stay weird.

“Creativity is a wild mind and a disciplined eye.” —Dorothy Parker